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Prioritise like a Pro

Download my FREE Decision-Making formula, 7 simple prompts that help you prioritise which tasks deserve your time so that you:

  • never miss important events or deadlines
  • get the right stuff done without upsetting everyone
  • actually have time to chill, reflect and plan!
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10 essential questions you NEED to ask before you hire someone new!

Use this simple checklist to see if the next person you hire can:

  • do the job
  • do it well
  • do it in the right time

without any dramas!

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Hi! I'm Lisa Twohig

I'm obsessed with helping talented online business owners like you, break away from corporate speak and inject your unique personality into your posts to stop thumbs, engage hearts and open minds (and wallets).

I know you want to to take your skills, knowledge and talents and share them with the WORLD!!

Plus, you'd love to be able to rock up to work for a couple of hours, bring in the money, and take the rest of the day off.

So you bought yourself a web domain name (or 5).

And then you started your online business.

But it seems so much harder than the shiny lady in the Ads made it out to be!

If only you could attract more clients through social media, get the moolah flowing in...and stop your partner forwarding you LinkedIn job posts.

I'm here for you. Let's do this wild and wonderful thing, together.

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What if you could create Facebook posts that...

  • make YOU light up when you read them back?
  • educate, entertain and sell to your audience?
  • have your future clients on the edge of their seats, waiting for your next offer?

And what if you leapt out of bed in the morning, desperate to share exactly what your people needed to hear from you (instead of wondering WTF you're going to post today to fill your Metaplanner)?

How Can I Help You?

It's a whole other ball game isn't it, this online malarkey?

Especially if you've not grown up with social media, website builders, ring lights and other fandanglery.

You may not have anticipated:

  • having to constantly post your face all over the interweb like a selfie-savvy Millennial
  • the gazillions of activites (copy, tech, admin) you need to do to just get your sales page up
  • not to mention having to 'persuade' complete strangers on a hundred different platforms to buy your thing.

You just wanted to help people and work fewer hours!

Here's where I can help.

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High Impact Hooks - your cheatsheet

This FREE 2 page pdf gives you cracking ideas on how to create your own unique scroll-stopping posts your ideal clients can't ignore!

It's even got epic examples from my own business - that got great results.

(btw this isn't a copy/paste list of hooks, it's BETTER)

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Latest Blog Posts

The confidence to work abroad

Feb 02, 2022

Sickening lessons in life: knowing when to put down the tools

Nov 18, 2021

Work smarter, not harder

I don't know about you, but I HATE doing things I know I have to do, but don't enjoy. Like making school packed lunches. BO-RING.

Without the right tools, I resist, I procrastinate, I even sulk a bit. And then I feel bad.

And I STILL need to do the things. Sigh.

I realised that in order to hold down a job AND be a good wife and mother, I really needed a different game plan.

Enter my 3 step approach to streamlining my life:

  1. Make it simple
  2. Make it easy
  3. Make it fun.

It's helped me reduce the amount of things to do, achieve more AND have time to do things I actually enjoy.

It doesn't involve a million spreadsheets (ok, you can still have a pretty planner), you don't need to spend a fortune, and it can give you back more TIME.

What's not to like?

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